Charity Commission finance guides for trustees updated

21 March by Keith

The Charity Commission of England and Wales updated its guidance Charity finances: trustee essentials (CC25) last week. It is published in English and Welsh in PDF format. Copies can be downloaded here. The new version contains updated links to other Commission Guidance and a useful glossary.

This version of the guidance (originally published in 2011) does not include any new legal duties for trustees, but it does express those duties in a more accessible and readable way.

For new trustees, or those in need of a refresher, the Charity Commission has also updated its 15 Questions publication, which is designed to highlight governance, finance and resilience risks. The short guide is published in three formats here.

If either guide highlights any areas of concern, please let us know. Whether you need governance, legal or financial management assistance, Counterculture can help you take care of it.


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